The Purpose of the IKA:

To promote, perpetuate, & advance knife making in Idaho and the surrounding region. To inform, equip, and educate individuals in the art of knife making through the distribution and sharing of information of skills, and talent. To provide a forum of free exchange of ideas, and techniques amongst knife makers & knife enthusiasts; to foster/encourage creativity, individualism, and independent expression in regards to knife making & its techniques.

The Charter of the IKA:

We, the members of the Idaho Knife Association establish this organization, and charter for the expressed purposes written. We agree to adhere to the bylaws, and all its articles that have been established by the association (its members). We acknowledge that knife making (makers), and its many different facets of techniques is a form of expression, and an art. We also acknowledge that the knife maker has an “inherent right” to choose their form of expression through, technique, method, design, and construction. We establish this charter, and association to foster, and promote these “inherent rights” for the advancement of creative knife making through advocacy, representation, and co-operation. The Association here established is to, and always serve the will, and interests of it members.

Membership Information

We are a nonprofit organization whose funding comes from membership dues and proceeds from the annual Idaho Traditional and Tactical knife Show; which takes place the 3rd weekend of August (

Membership fees are $30 annually with dues paid by March 1st of each year.  Fill out the membership form below and mail it along with a check or money order to the Idaho Knife Association at P.O. Box 561, Meridian, ID 83680.  You may also pay below with PayPal or Venmo and email or mail form in. If you have any questions please go to the Contact IKA page to send an email to our Officers.

IKA Officers


Russ Dodd


Montie Brown


Anne Reeve